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For us, the cinema is beginning with every new buzz of the projector,
with every new buzz of our cameras.
With every new buzz of our cameras, our hearts jump forward my friends.

Jonas Mekas Anti-100 Years of Cinema Manifesto

About us

Company Name : Prism Pictures LLC

Incorporation      : March 17th 2021

Address.              : Shinjuku-ku, Suido-cho 3-14,                                                   Kagurazaka N-Building, 2F-I,                                                   Tokyo 162-0811, Japan.

Startup Capital    : 5,010,000 JPY

Representatives : Furuichi Akiho

                   Liao Jiekai

Prism Pictures is film and video production company based in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 2021 by Singaporean film director Liao Jiekai and Japanese producer Furuichi Akiho. Prism Pictures produces both long and short form content for the big screen, and have several projects in development such as feature-length hybrid documentaries "A Poet's Unrest" by Liao Jiekai and "Torus" by Shun Ikezoe. The company also provided production and post-production services to international co-productions and productions such as "Last Shadow at First Light" by Nicole Midori Woodford and "Age of Revelation" by Liao Jiekai.

  Director × Producer


JK Portrait.jpg


Liao Jiekai

Liao Jiekai is a filmmaker and artist based in Singapore. He is a founding member of the film collective 13 Little Pictures. Since 2005, he has directed several shorts, most notably Before the Wedlock House which won the Best Documentary Short at the 2nd Salaya International Documentary Film Festival and The Mist which won the best director prize at Singapore International Film Festival’s Silver Screen Awards. His 2010 debut feature film, Red Dragonflies, won the Special Jury Prize at the Jeonju International Film Festival and was selected for competition at various film festivals such as Buenos Aires, Santiago, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.


Liao was conferred the Young Artist Award for Film by the National Arts Council of Singapore in 2012. He won the Credit Suisse Artist Commissioning Award for his 16mm film installation, Brother’s Quarters, which was presented at the President’s Young Talent Exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum in 2013. In the same year, he was invited to participate in the Singapore Biennale with the video installation Bukit Orang Salah. His second feature film As You Were world premiere at the Asian Future section of the Tokyo International Film Festival, and was in competition at Torino Film Festival and Nantes 3 Continents Film Festival. He is a IMDA Digital Scholar and completed a Masters Degree in Film Directing at the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2020, under the tutelage of Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Suwa Nobuhiro.

Liao co-founded Prism Pictures LLC with Furuichi Akiho in 2021, and had since worked on many Singapore and Japan co-productions.

<Selected Director's Filmography>

『On Memory』(2021/34min)

Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival

DMZ International Documentary Film Festival


Amsterdam International Dance Film Festival (Cinedans)

Dance on Camera Festival

『Faraway My Shadow Wandered』(2020/70min)

Cinema Du Reel (Competition)

International Film Festival Rotterdam

Singapore International Film Festival

『Light of a Burning Moth』(2020/120min)

Tokyo International Film Festival, Tokyo 2020 official selection

『Watermelon Baby』(2019/15min)

Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival, Jury Prize


Busan International Film Festival

Independent Film & Video Awards (Hong Kong)

『The Mist』(2016/12min)

Singapore International Film Festival, Best Director Award

『Silent Light』(2016/12min)

Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival

M+ Screenings: Southeast Asia Moving Image Mixtape, West Kowloon

Image Forum Festival

『As You Were』(2014/96min)

Nantes Festival of 3 Continents, International Competition
Tokyo International Film Festival, Asian Future Competition

Torino Film Festival, International Competition

『Before the Wedlock House』(2012/15min)

Salaya International Documentary Film Festival, Best Short Documentary

『Red Dragonflies』(2011/96min)

Jeonju International Film Festival、 Special Jury Prize

Tokyo International Film Festival, Winds of Asia & Africa Competition

Shanghai International Film Festival, Asian New Talent Competition
BAFICI, International Competition

Santiago International Film Festival, International Competition

Akiho portrait.jpg


Furuichi Akiho

Furuichi (b. 1994, Nagoya) is a producer and production manager based in Tokyo. In 2011, at the age of 17, she was amongst the youngest volunteer to participate in reconstruction activities in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, following the Great East Japan Earthquake. It was during this period she developed an interest in sociology. In 2016, she moved to Tokyo and enrolled in the sociology course of Rikkyo University, where she studied urban sociology, social stratification theory, and ethnomethodology. In college, she joined a filmmaking circle, Cinematograph, through which she became actively involved in independent films.


She participated in the production of more than 20 films in 4 years, learning the ropes of filmmaking by working in all departments and taking on varied roles on the set. Upon graduation, she worked for production company LOCUS Inc where she produced corporate and promotional videos. On the side, she continued pursuing her interest in cinema, independently producing Extinction Animals (VACATION), the debut feature film of Masanori Soejima. The film enjoyed a successful 2-weeks theatrical release in Tokyo.

In march 2021, Furuichi co-founded Prism Pictures LLC with Liao Jiekai. She had since been active in the independent film scene in Japan, producing commercials as well as organising actor-director workshops to facilitate networking for filmmakers of her generation. She was also the Japan unit producer for Liao's Age of Revelation and dance film Imagine Ocean, both of which were co-produced with Singapore's Potocol. Mostly recently, she was the Japan unit production manager for Nicole Midori Woodford's debut feature, Last Shadow At First Light.

<Selected Mixed Filmography>

『See You Later』(2023/directed by Kazuma Inomata/80min)

Chief Producer

『Last Shadow At First Light』(2023/directed by Nicole Midori Woodford)

Production Manager

『Send him my regards』(2022/directed by Shun Tatezono/66min)

Assistant Director, 23rd TAMA New Wave Film Festival in competition

『Age of Revelation』(2021/directed by Liao Jiekai/45min)

Japan Unit Production Manager

『Extinct Animals(VACATION)』(2021/directed by Masanori Soejima/65min)

Producer, Theatrical release at UPLINK Kichijioji

『in the room』(2021/directed by Fuyuma Yahiro/40min)

Assistant Director

『Be Here Now』(2021/directed by Tatsuya Nishimoto/89min)

Assistant Director, Okinawa International Film Festival

『Light of a Burning Moth』(2020/directed by Liao Jiekai/120min) 

Production Assistant, Tokyo International Film Festival official selection


Writer and Director, Distributed on Youtube

『Soul Music』(2019/directed by Masanori Soejima/30min) 

Producer, Muzik Lab 2019 Short Film Category Runner-up

『Beyond the Seat』(2018/directed by Koichiro Tanno/24min)

Assistant Director, Chiba Film Festival

「Floating Sen」(2018/30min)

Writer and Director

『Runaway Love』(2017/Directed by Kunitoshi Manda/6min)

Production Assistant, Baumu channel Film Festival competition

『Boku no Ichibankan』(2017/directed by Yuki Matsunaga/15min)

Sound Recordist, Fukuoka Independent Film Festival

『Miss Edamame』(2017/30min)

Writer and Director, Ueda Castle Town Film Festival

『Dog』(2016/directed by Yuto Kokubo/41min)

Producer, Tama New Wave Film Festival

<Commercials and Promotions> *post 2021


- ​NTT DATA CORPORATION Digital Disaster Prevention concept video

- PCA Corporation PCA Hub Service concept video

- Solast Corporation iisy WEB video

- Healthy Path Inc. image video

- JEXER "Smart Fitness" 30-second TV commercial

- Yomiuri Shimbun 35th Dragon King Tournament TV commercial

<Music Video


- ​Black Iris / Headshot

- KLEPT / Vanilla'

<Concert Documentation>

- ​Pipe Organ Concert ""La Vitalité VII" and "La Vitalité VIII"

Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum
From pitching
to production
and presentation
On Memories of Countless Days Away - Hybrid Documentary Film
Light of a Burning Moth - Tokyo International Film Festival
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