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Prism Pictures is a boutique film and video production company based in Tokyo with an international perspective. It is Incorporated in 2021 and helmed by two partners: Japanese producer Furuichi Akiho and Singaporean film director Liao Jiekai. Driven by a passion for cinema and storytelling, Prism Pictures works with all length and forms of moving-image projects. Besides Japan, Prism Pictures also works on media projects in East and South-East Asia, collaborating with partnering companies and creatives across the region.

We assist creators in taking their ideas from conception to realisation through the entire production pipeline. In the process, Prism Pictures posits itself as the medium through which countless cinematic possibilities can emerge from a singular idea. We are dreamers at the forefront of filmmaking and we welcome fellow creators to collaborate, co-produce and re-invent conventions. 


Prism Pictures develops, produces and distributes of all forms of creative media content. We also provide customised professional services across multiple areas of film and video production, from writing and development to cinematography, directing and off-line editing. Besides our in house team, we work with a core group of freelance production and post-production professionals not only within Japan, but also in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.


We believe that development is one of the most crucial and understated creative phase of any film/video projects. Based on the requirements of our clients, our experienced in-house creative team provides the following services:

- Research and Development

- Screenwriting

- Proposal-writing

- Pitching and Film financing

For international co-productions, we are also able to translate scripts and documents between English and Japanese. We have experience pitching on international platforms such as HAF (Hong Kong Film Financing Forum).


For clients with an interest in filming on location in Japan, we can organise casting call, conduct auditions and perform location scouting across Japan. We have an existing archive of city, nature and historical locations across Japan where we had previously shot or scout that enpowered us to make swift and informed recommendations to our clients. We also have a database of talents whom we have previously collaborated with.


The scale of our work ranges from small documentary teams to medium-size (20-30 crew pax) narrative productions. We have in-house cinema equipment to handle up to broadcast quality 5.7K RAW shooting. Working with a dedicated team of freelancers, we believe that safe production environment and fair wages are the bottomline to maintaining a high level of production quality.

As a company, we will always experiment and challenge status quo. We aspire to progress forward in the quality of our storytelling with each film we produce.


Our expertise in post production lies primarily with off-line editing in post production, using the latest versions of Adobe CC and Davinci Resolve. Our in-house editor have over two decades of video editing experience.

For smaller scaled projects for internet streaming, we are able to handle most online editing, colour grading and mastering work.

For sound post-production, we work with freelance audio engineers, music composers and post-production companies to satisfy the requirements of our clients.


Besides the distribution of our own titles, Prism Pictures is also actively acquiring and distributing films for the Japanese domestic market. We are well connected to film exhibitors in Japan, including independent cinemas , online streaming platforms and film festivals.

Our work in distribution also includes developing marketing strategy, creation of publicity collaterals and presskits, assisting filmmakers in connecting with their audiences.

Drone Filming in Chiba Prefecture


Liao Jiekai
Partner, Film Director

Liao Jiekai is a award-winning filmmaker and artist based in Singapore and Tokyo. He is a founding member of the film collective 13 Little Pictures (Singapore) and production company Prism Pictures (Japan). Since 2005, he directed many short films, most notably The Mist which won the best director prize at Singapore International Film Festival’s Silver Screen Awards. His feature films were screened in numerous international film festivals in Tokyo, Shanghai, Torino, Nantes, Buenos Aires, Paris and Rotterdam, most notably Red Dragonflies which won the Special Jury Prize at the Jeonju International Film Festival.

PRISM / pictures


Furuichi Akiho
Partner, Film Producer

Akiho Furuichi is a film producer based in Tokyo. Since 2017, she participated in more than 20 independent film productions. Her latest film as a producer is Extinction Animals (Vacation) directed by Masaki Soejima in 2020. The film is a hybrid documentary-drama and received 3 awards at MOOSIC LAB JOINT 2020 (Japan) before its domestic release. She met Liao on the production of his third feature film Light of a Burning Moth, and co-founded Prism Pictures with him in 2021.



Produced by Furuichi Akiho

PRISM / pictures  //  recent works

A selection of our recent projects is posted here.

Refer to our portfolio page for a more extensive list of Prism Picture's productions. (coming soon)

Age of Revelation

Medium-length music film made in collaboration with TheSaCollective, produced by Potocol and commissioned by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Center.


Writing, Directing, Editing, Colour Grading, Mastering, Additional Shooting (Japan), Drone Shooting.

On Memory
C.Still from On Memory.jpg

Short film produced by Potocol with the support of Digital Production Grant from the National Arts Council of Singapore. World premiere at the 2021 Sheffield Docfest.


Writing, Directing, Editing, Mastering.

Extinction Animal (Vacation)

Feature film directed by Masaki Soejima. The film is a hybrid documentary-drama and received 3 awards at MOOSIC LAB JOINT 2020 (Japan) before its domestic release.


Producing, Marketing and Distribution.

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PRISM / pictures

Prism Pictures is a cinematic platform where singular ideas transform into countless realities;
a builder of bridges between creators and their audiences.


2021/05/21 - ON MEMORY will have its world premiere at the 2021 Sheffield Docfest.

2021/05/21 - AGE OF REVELATION will be screening free on Facebook as part of Cultural Extravaganza 2021.

2021/05/21 - FARAWAY MY SHADOW WANDERED will have its dutch premiere at the 2021 International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Official Selection.png

Film still from ON MEMORY, directed by Liao Jiekai